What We Do

We are the leading Chinese service provider in inspection, verification, testing and certification. Due to our well-established presence in Europe, combined with our expertise in Chinese and European regulations and technical standards, and dedicated teams of experts, CCIC Europe provides unique, valuable technical services promoting trade relations and trust between Europe and China.

CCIC Europe offers unrivaled services with qualified and independent personnel. Our combined experiences in inspectionverification, testing and certification activities have given us in-depth knowledge and competence to help our clients to find the right strategies to meet relevant requirements and expectation for quality, safety, sustainability and integrity in the fast-growing Chinese and international markets.

CCIC business activities covers food and agricultural products, industrial products, machinery, construction, chemical and mineral products, logistics retailing, and much more. In its 30 years of growth and development, CCIC has always been providing impartial, efficient, standardized and localized services for enterprises, institutions, governments and individuals.