Initial Factory Evaluation

During the process of establishing your manufacturing supplier pool, it is very important to figure out the real overall condition of the one you will do business with. The goal of our IFE service is to help you to obtain the actual profile of your to-be-partner manufacturing factory.

Initial Factory Evaluation (IFE), is an on-site factory evaluation on behalf of you at the manufacturer's premises before you places an order to a new manufacturer.

IFE is generally completed within one working day, focusing on basic but vitally important aspects of the new Chinese manufacturing factory for your sourcing decision-making, including, but not limited to:

  • Factory Profile
  • Human Resources
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Production Process
  • Quality Management
  • Special requirement from client


During the IFE our auditor will record data and take pictures of every key aspect for your reference to make you have actual feeling and sense about the factory before you sign the contract.


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